Video: What Your Poop Says About You

This may fall under the TMI category – but it’s great info!


Green Clay helps save the life of a wounded lioness

lioness_videoWARNING: Graphic content

Green Clay helps save the life of a wounded lioness

New Video: The Healing Benefits of Bentonite Clay with Perry A~

Lily Milkovic recently posted this amazing interview with Perry A~ Arledge (author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) where they discuss many of the countless benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay.



New Videos on How to Mix Bentonite Clay

The Living Clay Co. just posted 2 new videos on YouTube on how to properly mix Bentonite Clay.  Great info!  You can see them here, or on the Living Clay Co. website ( or on our website (  Enjoy!

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