Best Known Characteristic of Clay

from Perry A~ Arledge

“The best-known characteristic of clay is that it “acts as needed.” Living clay is said to propel the immune system to find a new healthy balance. Reactions are not forced, but rather triggered into effect, as they are needed. To put it in other words, clay strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance. In this way, the body’s natural immune system has an improved chance of restoring and maintaining health.” (The Clay Cure, 1998, Ran Knishinsky)


All products are back in stock at the Living Clay Co.

All products are back in stock at the Living Clay Co. Shop now and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING through Wednesday. They’ve got some great savings in store for you in December as well.

The Living Clay Co. wishes to thank you all for your tremendous support and encouragement during the recent shortage. Now, go and get your clay!

Fun Contest at the Living Clay Co.

The Living Clay Co. has a new product they’ll be introducing soon and they want your help with its name. 

Here’s the product and contest info:  It’s a new Body Cream with Green Tea and a hint of citrus. Decadently rich and luxurious, this cream treats your skin to around-the-clock moisture with a refreshing blend of Citrus Essential Oil and Green Tea Extract.  Enhanced with antioxidants (ECGC – an antioxidant proven 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E), natural plant oils, and Living Clay, this buttery smooth cream will reveal younger feeling skin. Suggested Use: Apply generously to arms, legs, neck and feet for a complete body moisturizing experience.  As with all of our products, this sumptuous cream is paraben free and made with no animal testing in an environmentally conscious manner. 

The names we have considered are Body Cream – Citrus Green Tea, and Body Cream – Green Tea Citrus.  Does one of these appeal to you more than the other?  Or do you have an altogether better name idea?  Send your preference or new name choice to

Now here’s the good part!  Everyone who sends in their name idea by the end of day Tuesday, April 7, will receive a coupon for $5 off their next purchase of $50 or more.  This coupon must be used during the month of April.  So, send in your name choice and we’ll email you with your coupon code.  One per customer.

Okay, there you have it!  Submit your ideas, and get your coupons people!

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