Day 5 of Perry A~’s Clay Experiment

Another full facial with clay over the eyelids. More white gunk in the corner of my eyes.  No improvement in vision yet but it is still early.  I am noticing less puffy and less wrinkle lines below and to the outside edges of my eye.  Skin tone looks really good.  Skin is soft and my pores appear a little smaller.  I’ll miss the next three days while I’m at an expo in Las Vegas.  More reports when I get back.  Perry


Day 4 of Perry A~’s Clay Experiment

Another 30 minute early morning full clay facial. Applied clay rather thickly to whole face including eye lids and scalp.  Laid down for 30 minutes. Snooze time.  Showered.  Again white gunk in the corner of my eyes.  No yellow chicken wire patterns on the wall and ceiling this morning.  This morning noticed specks of clay that did not wash off in the shower. Stubborn spots where the clay is still working and has a tight hold. One on one upper eye lid, one on my nose one above my upper lip. Just funny how it hangs on.  I really had to scrub several times to get it to let go.   Today I used the Rejuvenation Face Cream after my shower.  My face feels like velvet.  Yesterday I didn’t use cream and it took until noon for the natural oils to remoisten my face.  More tomorrow.

Perry A~’s Clay Experiment – First three days

After reading the testimonial on regarding the 67 year old man with the facial birthmark who was doing daily clay facials with clay over the eyelids and he now reads the newspaper without his glasses,  I decided to try it.  I sit way too many hours in from of the computer and my eyes have weakened with that and age.

I’ve been getting up early and applying the hydrated clay thicker than normal and then laying down for about 30 minutes to allow it to dry completely with my eyes closed.  I feel a warmth and stimulation to my face, like a light flush. At first I felt a mild tingling over my eyes. This morning I even put a little clay into my scalp at the forehead where my hair is thinning.   

On the third day of doing this, after opening my eyes I looked at the white walls in my bedroom and noticed a faint chicken wire pattern only outlined in yellow.  A honeycomb pattern. 

After showering my face still felt flushed. I had my usual deposit of white gunk in the corner of my eyes. My skin felt tight and firm and dry.  I noticed I still had some dry skin cells. Today I did not apply my Rejuvenation Face Cream. I wanted to see how long before my natural oils come back. It is noon now and my face once again feels soft to the touch without the dryness.

Oh after  day 2,  two of my good friends both commented on how good my skin looked referring to my face.  It really felt velvety soft.  I used Rejuvenation Face Cream after the facial that day.

I will keep you updated on my vision progress. 


Living Clay Co. Review and Giveaway

prissyThe good folks at the Prissy Green blog have just posted a glowing review of Living Clay Co. products. Check it out! You could even win a $40 gift certificate. 🙂

I’ll have what she’s having…

Dayle Ciampa

Dayle Ciampa

I recently ran across this blog entry about Dayle Ciampa and her Day Spa, and wanted to share it with you.  This beautiful, inspirational woman certainly wears her years well!  Just how well Ciampa has aged is a sign of her success, and most women who find out she is 53 years old want “whatever she’s having.”  Here are her 5 secrets to staying youthful:

  1. 1.  Never forget where you come from. “It’s nice to know that when I come in to work that I’m still the same person I was 25 years ago,” says Ciampa. “It’s never gone to my head. And I always treat people the way I’d like to be treated.”
  2. Be thankful for family.
  3. Live your life with gusto — and lots of travel and pampering. Ciampa plans a visit to Greece and Italy this August with her son and husband.
  4. Splurge when you can — actually, this is advice from Ciampa’s husband, Gary Goldstein, who convinced his wife to purchase a Mercedes. Although initially against the idea, she says she’s glad she did.
  5. Use Calcium Bentonite Living Clay. Ciampa drinks it, eats it and bathes in it. If she’s the proof, then this mud is the pudding.

Clay and Complexion

by Perry A~

I recently mentioned on the About Clay chat group about taking clay and the wonderful effect it has on balancing skin tone and lightening age spots. One person chimed in with: “Why does this work Perry? I have always been very freckly, if that is a word, and as I aged, I developed lots of spots and they are all fading away. I had mentioned my hands before; but, now people are commenting on my skin and it’s true! Arms… legs… all of it just fading away.”

It is true. I have experienced this first hand. I am 70 years old and have the most gorgeous skin tone. Not to be bragging but it is true. I have even quit wearing makeup. Why cover up a beautiful complexion?

It is not just on my face but all over my body. Like I have this lovely glow to my skin. It is almost like a light tan all over. Seriously, head to toe. Now I used to be a sun bunny but at seventy I no longer do activities like tennis, water skiing, horseback riding and swimming. Basically, I am rarely out in the sun exposed to the sun’s rays, yet I have an exceptionally even complexion and skin tone. My age spots are few and very light.

I attribute this to taking Living Clay daily. Clay is both detoxing agent and a cleanse, plus it gets rid of parasites while balancing the body’s pH, all at the same time. Like a one stop shop for all your needs.

With this cleansing and detoxing effect, the clay acts as a catalyst, helping the body by reducing the overload and clearing a pathway for the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals from supplements and nutrition from the food you eat. Stands to reason this would help your complexion. We all know the food we eat can be beneficial or detrimental to the body. Simply put, clay runs interference for the body. The beauty of clay is that it accomplishes all these actions very gently and subtly. A cleanse does not have to mean your stomach rolls and you have to stay within six feet of a bathroom all day. No indeed, not with a clay cleanse.

Clay Detox Baths also give the skin a softness that is very noticeable. The magic of clay and water. Just one clay bath and you will feel the difference. So why wouldn’t people want to use Living Clay for healthier life? Beats me.

Using Bentonite Clay to treat Runner’s Knee

I recently found an interesting blog entry about a runner who uses bentonite clay to treat her bouts of runner’s knee.  Here’s what she (Sowgenerously) has to say:

Treatment for Runners Knee begins with rest (stay off it until its better), ice, and natural or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. In my case, I also used bentonite clay lathered all over the sore tendon, it was both cooling and had an awesome anti-inflammatory effect. 

I asked her to elaborate a bit, and she wrote:

Well, you won’t believe this but I figured since clay poultrices are used to treat sore and inflamed muscles on horses, it would work on people! I had both some powdered bentonite clay and some facial cosmetic clay. Either one works great although the powdered clay was a) cheaper and b) messier. I just smoothed the clay “facial” over the tendons and muscles around my knees. It cools and draws out toxins and felt just great.

To read her entire blog entry, which includes info on using kinesiotape, click here.

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