New Article: Are Clays Organic?


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My week living like Shailene Woodley

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How to Detoxify with Calcium Bentonite Clay

detoxingHow To Detoxify With Calcium Bentonite Clay

Whether we want to face it or not, we are constantly exposed to toxin upon toxin in our daily life – both internally and externally – and sometimes it gets to be a little too much for our bodies to handle on their own. That, my friends, is where calcium bentonite clay comes to help save the day.

This powder is a true gold mine. Bentonite clay heals a whole slew of ailments, from skin troubles to digestive issues. Even if you physically feel great, it’ll help draw out impurities from your body that you didn’t even know were there, leaving you feeling even more incredible.

In Defense of Eating Clay

Awesome article written by Perry A~ Arledge about the ‘controversy’ surrounding eating clay:



Divergent star Shailene Woodley dishes on eating clay

shailene_woodleyShailene Woodley detoxes by eating clay.

The ‘Divergent’ actress maintains a strictly organic beauty regime and picked up one of her most unusual habits from a taxi driver, who advised her to ingest a supplement of bentonite clay to clean the heavy metals out of her system.

She explained in an interview with “He was African and was saying that, where he’s from, the women eat clay when they’re pregnant … So, I’ve discovered that clay is great for you because your body doesn’t absorb it, and it apparently provides a negative charge, so it bonds to negative isotopes.

“And, this is crazy: it also helps clean heavy metals out of your body. My friend starting eating it and the next day she called me and said, ‘Dude, my s**t smells like metal.’ She was really worried, but we did some research together and everything said that when you first start eating clay, your bowel movements, pee, and even you, yourself, will smell like metal.”

The eco-friendly actress has found natural remedies for every Hollywood beauty trick, namely rinsing her mouth out with sesame oil instead of getting her teeth whitened.

Shailene added: “I love a natural way to heal. You can do something called ‘oil pulling’ where you swish coconut or sesame oil in your mouth when you wake up and spit it out.

“It’s amazing! It really makes your teeth whiter, because the plaque on your teeth is not water soluble, it’s fat-soluble.”

The 22-year old star also made the surprising confession that she only washes her short hair once a month.

She joked: “I only shampoo it like once a month – the oilier, the better.”

Protect yourself from Fukushima radiation with bentonite clay

fukushimaThis new article has been popping up all over the internet, and we think it’s vital information that everyone should have.

As Fukushima continues to leak radiation, protect yourself with Bentonite Clay

The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in March 2011 and left the Fukushima power plant damaged and leaking radiation into the environment seems to have faded into the past, but the dangers to the environment and human health are far from over, with the latest leak of highly radioactive water being described by the plant operators, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Co), as a serious radiation incident.

TEPCO finally admitted in July that radioactive water has been leaking from the plant and is now taking steps to try to prevent any future leaks from ending up in the Pacific Ocean. But the latest leak is the largest yet with a massive 300 tonnes of highly radioactive water escaping from a damaged tank and creating fears that it will be washed from the land with rainwater into the sea.

The obvious question for those who might be in danger of being exposed to this leaked radiation is how do we protect ourselves? One way is to use bentonite clay.

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New Article: Radiation Cleansing Properties of Bentonite Clay

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The Radiation Cleansing Properties of Bentonite Clay by Duran Rivera

Bentonite ClayBentonite clay is known for many things, namely as a treatment for various mineral deficiencies, infections and even gangrene, but it’s also becoming widely popular as an aid against various kinds of radioactive damage and conditions. In its general uses, it can be used as a bulk laxative and to flush out impurities from the body due to its strong negatively charged ionic properties. It has amazing topical benefits as well, treating acne, open wounds, burns, and protecting against various rash inducing oils found in poison ivy or poison oak. Bentonite clay has become a very important natural resource for millions of people throughout the world, especially as our exposures to radiation have risen exponentially in this modern age.

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