AboutClay.com is dedicated to spreading the word about the incredible, myriad uses of Clay.  In addition to our website, and this blog, we also manage an active email forum through Yahoo Groups.  Please join us as we learn and share information about this magnificent gift from Mother Earth – Living Clay!


3 Responses

  1. I used the hydrated clay on my daughters foot. She developed a large wart on her right foot near the little toe. I tried to use the patches found at the drug store but it made it worse not better.

    After applying clay topically every other night or so for 2-3 weeks we got real busy and I forgot about it for a while

    A month later or so later I looked at her foot and it was gone!

    My husband applied it to a large mole on his shoulder at night while watching TV. I really thought he’d have to have it surgically removed it was very large. Several weeks later while at the pool we noticed it was almost gone even though he wasn’t treating it as often.

    It’s really amazing and we are thankful to not have to have any invasive procedures preformed.

    Thank God!

  2. We had a testimonial of a young girl with 100warts on her hands. She tried everything. Then out of desperation tried the Calcium Montmorillonite on her hands every night for 8 weeks. All the warts have now fallen off her hands. Yay…

  3. love this clay

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