In Defense of Eating Clay

Awesome article written by Perry A~ Arledge about the ‘controversy’ surrounding eating clay:




The recording of yesterday’s (5/22/14) clay info session

Perry A~ Arledge Living Clay TeleseminarsIn case you missed it, you can always listen to the Living Clay teleseminars (Q&A with Perry A~) by visiting the archives located here:

These are NOT your typical “sales pitch in disguise” teleseminars. They are sessions where listeners ask the questions, and Perry A~, author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, provides the answers. So if you haven’t been able to join us during the live sessions (or if you just want to relive them!) please feel free to visit the archives.

Q&A with Perry A~ tomorrow (Thurs., May 22) at noon central time

Perry A~ Arledge Living Clay TeleseminarsJoin us tomorrow (Thursday, May 22) at noon central time for a free Living Clay teleseminar – Q&A with Perry A~. This is a Q&A sessions where you ask the questions, and Perry A~ (author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) gives the answers. You can join in by phone, or right on your computer.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

For more info:

Your CLAYBIT from Perry A~ Arledge 5-16-14

Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle Cure by Perry A~A number of investigators think the adsorptive properties of certain clays may have played a crucial role in the origin of life. The hypothesis arises as a result of the effort to simulate the conditions under which amino acids may form proteins within the human body. Experiments showed simple amino acids formed into the longer chains called peptides on the surface of clay particles. It is thought that clay acts as a catalyst for the formation of long peptide chains, or proteins.

(From Perry A~ Arledge, author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure)

Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar Recap & Recording (5-15-14)

If you missed today’s Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar with Perry A~, Perry A~ Arledge (or if you just want to relive it!), you can read the program notes and listen to the recording here:
We look forward to the next Live Well Lifestyle session next month, and we hope to see you there.

Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar tomorrow (Thursday, May 15) at noon central time

Perry A~ ArledgeJoin us tomorrow (Thursday, May 15) for the free Living Clay Live Well Lifestyle teleseminar at noon central time with Perry A~ Arledge. Practice living from unconditional love, respect, joy, laughter and integrity. Letting go of worry, stress, futurizing, pasturizing, assumptions and the need to control others. Being free of mental suffering and being at peace with all things. Learning to manifest, set intentions, dream build, meditate, and live from joy.

For more info:

New Video: The Healing Benefits of Bentonite Clay with Perry A~

Lily Milkovic recently posted this amazing interview with Perry A~ Arledge (author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) where they discuss many of the countless benefits of Calcium Bentonite Clay.



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