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You can always listen to the Living Clay teleseminars (Q&A with Perry A~) by visiting the archives located here:

Scroll down until you see Audio Recordings on the left side of the page and choose the date of the session you want to hear. These are NOT your typical “sales pitch in disguise” teleseminars. They are sessions where listeners ask the questions, and Perry A~, author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, provides the answers. So if you haven’t been able to join us during the live sessions (or if you just want to relive them!) please feel free to visit the archives.


Excerpt #10 from The Living Clay Book

The energy of clays and clay’s ability to release energy are two critical points in how clays work. “If we go back to our base physical components, we can safely say that we are built from multitudes of particles held together by electrical bonds. Electrical forces are what hold atoms and molecules together. Chemical bonds and reactions depend on these electrical forces. Therefore, all chemical reactions are, in essence, reorganizations of electrical forces, which continue to be vital at body levels, i.e., tissues and organs. When this is all taken into account, a living organism is shown to be an extremely delicate and intricate electrical system.” (Homeopathy for Everyone, 1987, Gibson & Gibson.)

(Excerpt from Perry A~ Arledge’s book, Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure.)

Q&A with Perry A~ tomorrow (Thurs. 12/20) at noon central time

Join us at noon central time tomorrow (Thursday, Dec. 20) for Q&A with Perry A~. Get ALL your clay questions answered by the leading expert in the field of healing clay. This is NOT your typical ‘sales pitch’ teleseminar that so many companies offer. This is simply a question and answer session where you ask the questions about clay and Perry A~ (author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) gives the answers.

Hope to see you there!

Excerpt #9 from The Living Clay Book

The miracle of Calcium Bentonite Clay is it acts so gently and subtly you are not aware of the healing actions until you see or feel the positive results. For many, the fact that it works and that no one has ever died from taking clay is enough.

(Excerpt from Perry A~ Arledge’s book, Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure.)

Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar Recap (12/13/12)

If you missed the Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar yesterday (or if you just want to relive it!), you can read the program notes and listen to the recording here:
We look forward to the next Live Well Lifestyle session next month, and we hope to see you there.

Live Well Lifestyle Teleseminar tomorrow (Thursday, Dec.13) at noon central time

Perry A~ Arledgeperrya2webJoin us tomorrow (Thursday, December 13) for the free Living Clay Live Well Lifestyle teleseminar at noon central time with Perry A~ Arledge. Practice living from unconditional love, respect, joy, laughter and integrity. Letting go of worry, stress, futurizing, pasturizing, assumptions and the need to control others. Being free of mental suffering and being at peace with all things. Learning to manifest, set intentions, dream build, meditate, and live from joy.

For more info:

Excerpt #8 from The Living Clay Book

The tremendous amount of energy in clays is from the electromagnetic actions and intense thermodynamic heat of the volcanic eruption. You might say it is super charged.

(Excerpt from Perry A~ Arledge’s book, Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure.)

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