The Healthy Benefits of Mud?

by Ed Jones

Ed is now drinking mud!

What if I told you that you could drink a simple drink consisting of very pure volcanic clay would do the following: vacuum up many toxins, yeasts, molds and poisons from the body, Create a alkaline environment due to its PH, Sooth and heal the intestines and reduce acid reflux and reduce the toxic load on all systems of the body.

Clays have been used by indigenous tribes since before recorded history and medicine men would use it for its healing and drawing powers from even poisonous snake bites. This is all from a simple volcanic ash called bentonite clay powder. Bentonite is literally like a massive sponge that adsorbs anything it comes in contact with into itself and allows it to be discharged from the body. I have been drinking it for 2 weeks morning and night on empty stomach and found immediately the elimination of acid reflux and it optimizes all aspects of my elimination. I believe because of the change in PH, it also increases the energy and overall well being of users. All of us are in a sea of chemical toxins every minute we are alive on this earth and I feel it is vital to use something daily that can assist our body in ridding ourselves of these poisons. Bentonite clay is the most powerful product that offer the potential of safe, inexpensive detox for all of us including our pets. For more information on Living Clay, log onto the Living Clay Website.

Many women have also found that using bentonite clay masks as a facial offers the most powerful method of drawing out all excess unhealthy oils and impurities from the skin. and stimulates circulation and cellular revitalization. Nutrition World offers the services of licensed Aesthetician, Dorothea Johnson. Dorothea offers facials using the bentonite clay and to make an appointment please call 423-290-5023.

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Living Clay is a Solution for Acne

by Perry A~ Arledge

Perry A~ Arledge author of Living Clay Nature's Own Miracle Cure

Perry A~

Acne is not a skin problem. It is a vicarious elimination: the blood and the colon are so backed up with poisons that are accumulating faster than they can escape that the body tries an extreme solution: expel the poisons through the body’s largest organ: the skin. An alternative escape route. As the poisons leave, they irritate the normal skin and cause rash, redness, or pustulated eruptions, like pimples or boils. This is why skin creams and lotions don’t work in such a scenario. It’s not a skin problem. It’s a problem of chronic blood poisoning from of an indigestible diet. Third World people rarely get acne. Acne is a disease of excess, a consequence of the fast food lifestyle. Dr. Timothy O’Shea

Calcium Bentonite Clay, Living Clays, cleanse the colon of the build up of old fecal matter, balances the pH and enriches red blood cells.

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