Jason Fowler joins Perry A~ for tomorrow’s Living Clay Teleseminar

Perry A~ author of Living Clay, Nature's Own Miracle CurePlease join us for a very special Living Clay Teleseminar tomorrow, Wednesday, July 7, from 1o:00 until 11:00 am Central Time.

If you’ve joined us on our previous teleseminars, then you’ve already come to know and love Perry A~, author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure. When it comes to why and how to use Calcium Bentonite Clay, she is a fountain of knowledge. 

For this teleseminar, Perry A~’s bringing a friend. It will be co-hosted by Jason Fowler of ProHealth Dynamics. Jason is a Nutritional Microscopist and a pH Educator. He specializes in Live & Dry Blood Analysis, pH Education, and Alkalizing Products and Nutrition. Seeing your unaltered blood in real time may be the single most motivating experience of your life in helping you make natural improvements to your health. To learn more and how clay plays a role in this listen in on July 7th.

You can join us by phone, or listen in via our website.  Either way you choose, you will have the opportunity to ask any and all questions you have about using Calcium Bentonite Clay, and have them answered by the leading expert in the field!

Join us!
Living Clay Teleseminar
Wednesday, July 7
10:00-11:00 AM Central Time

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