Perry A~ Interview LIVE Monday Nov. 2

Living Clay: Nature's Own Miracle CurePerry A~, author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure will be interviewed by Frank Whalen on Monday, Nov. 2, from 11am-1pm Central Time.  You can listen in by going to and clicking on the ‘Listen Live’ link.  There will be tons of great clay info, and you will also find out how you can get a FREE copy of Perry A~’s book!  Don’t miss this!


Calcium Bentonite Clay – The Natural Body pH Balancer

by Perry A~

Ph is the new buzz word these days regarding health as we have begun to discover the pitfalls and dangers when our bodies are over acidified from many sources. The result is diseases begin to manifest as we feed acid loving pathogens and enhance their proliferation by providing the perfect acid and oxygen-free medium they need to multiply. A balanced body will heal itself. When the balance goes acidic the body is too stressed and overburdened to return to a state of balance without outside help.

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Vaccines and Choices by Perry A~

What is a vaccine? A vaccine is any preparation intended to produce immunity to a disease by stimulating the production of antibodies. Vaccines include, for example, suspensions of killed or attenuated microorganisms, or products or derivatives of microorganisms. The most common method of administering vaccines is by inoculation, but some are given by mouth or nasal spray.

Should I take the vaccination?  In a free world that is up to the individual. Check the pros and cons and make a decision. For myself I choose to say no. I have had the flu twice in 71 years.  Pretty good odds. I am generally in good health and don’t do sick. May happen tomorrow but I will take my chances.

What am I doing to keep my body in a state of well being?  I am keeping my body in a state of balance. I keep my ph at 7.0 or there abouts. I take vitamins and eat fruits and vegetables along with small portions of protein from beef, chicken and fish.

Mostly I practice not worrying, stressing or choosing to think fearful thoughts.  That can kill you faster than anything and it is optional you know. You will die one day but only the earthly body. Worrying and fear eats up your time to live fully and enjoy the life you have.

The current suggestion to avoid the flu is Vitamin D3.  I never heard of it before. Now it is supposed to save my life. I looked it up and found this: ‘For more than a century, scientists have recognized that Vitamin D3 is involved in bone health.’ Of course it said a lot more scientific run around the block mumbo jumbo, too.

I often wonder if it is all to sell us something more to put in the medicine cabinet.  You all know what my course of action is? Living Clay. The reasons are multiple and common sense, not scientific related.

Whatever you choose to do, be at peace with your decision.  Remember what worry will do to you.  Peace, Perry A~

Perry A~ is the author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure.

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