New Videos on How to Mix Bentonite Clay

The Living Clay Co. just posted 2 new videos on YouTube on how to properly mix Bentonite Clay.  Great info!  You can see them here, or on the Living Clay Co. website ( or on our website (  Enjoy!


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  1. Howdy! Love the product! I have a few questions if you don’t mind?

    #1 You said that the clay is ‘highly charged with negative ions and electromagnetic activity.’ what does that mean? I know you, also, said that ‘what the clay actually does is act like a catalyst for the body to cleans, detoxify, and balance it’s self.’ But what does that mean? lol Sorry but that was kind of a vague answer to my ‘none-science-guy’ ears lol . :-p Can you break that down to me a little better?

    #2 How is your clay different to other clay? I thought clay was clay?

    #3 Why can’t I use an all glass container or something with a metal lid to store my clay? Why do I have to use plastics? They pollute don’t they?

    #4 Why is the PH important to clay? lol I thought that was for my grandmas fish tank? lol

    #5 You kept mentioning ‘calcium’ bentonite clay, I thought all bentonite clays had calcium in it?

    #6 Why can’t your clay be left in contact with the blades of a blinder for long periods of time? Or any metal surface, all together, for long periods of time?

    Ok lol I think that’s about it! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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