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Clay saves the day…

written by Perry A~

I went to Kyle Johnson’s wedding (head Honcho at Living Clay Co.) as an honorary adopted grandmother and before the night was over I was dancing with all the kids. When you are 70 years young they all seem like kids but the ages ranged from 6 yrs to well I just told you… It was at the Wildflower Center in Austin. A really nice place for a small family wedding. Anywho the music was great and the body seemed willing. Not as much motion as in my younger years but I found the beat and move it I did. It was after being still in the car with the AC full blast on the way home that the body started letting me know it was feeling abused. I had an early morning flight the next day to go visit my daughter Allyson in Dallas for the weekend. I knew I needed a clay bath if I was going to make it through the weekend.

I drew a hot bath, mixed my clay water in a blender (the fast method) as it was already past my bedtime. As I eased my body into the tub. I let out a sigh of relief. Nothing feels better to a physically abused body than a clay bath. I had a bottle of cold water and made a pillow for my neck with a towel and settled in. I felt my body let go and relax. I was purring in contentment. I dozed off a time or too and lost track of time. It didn’t matter. I was in heaven. I didn’t want to get out and leave my sanctum but the water was getting cold and my fingers were thoroughly pruned.

By now I did not know I had a body. All aches and screaming muscles were at peace and I set the alarm and slipped between the cool sheets. My head hit the pillow and I fell into a deep sleep. I am happy to say my newly revitalized body was up for a weekend of fun with my daughter. Clay to the rescue one more time.

Perry A~
Author and Speaker
www.LivingClayBook.com www.PerryA.com

Remembering Cano Graham

the_clay_disciplesThe world of Clay Therapy has lost one of its little-known trailblazers.  Cano Graham, author of  The Clay Disciples,passed away on Sunday, June 7th.  Perry A~ (author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) has written the following tribute.  Please join us in honoring his memory and his spirit.

A Tribute to Harry (Cano) Graham

Harry  (Cano) Graham passed away June 7, 2009.  To most Clay Therapy people it will have no meaning.  To those who have seen Therapeutic Clay knowledge rise from obscurity to the valuable resource as a natural healing remedy, they might remember Cano.  I would say most people today using clay owe a moment of gratitude and respect to Cano Graham for his part in raising clay from the ashes, pun intended.

Cano learned about clay, like most of us, from someone else who shared it with him.  He was so smitten with it and so convinced about the power of healing clay that he began a voyage that covered many decades in sharing what clay can do for the body.  He never really wanted to try to understand the chemistry and mechanics of what makes clay work.  He couldn’t have cared less.  He was more interested in talking about the results, and talk he did, to anyone who would listen.

He happened upon a few critical situations where he had his clay with him and just took action that saved a few lives as they were far from medical help.  True to his faith, the clay proved his decisions and actions to be the only logical choice to save the day or the lives should I say.  Word began to spread about this white haired man and his clay. 

Now Cano was an old method actor from Hollywood.  Method acting is where you study the character and become them.  Not just memorizing lines.  He had a flare for storytelling and would hold audiences spellbound.  He may have embellished a few clay stories describing characters and building the drama but his results of clay healings were pure truth.

Wherever he went Cano would take his clay and share with those in need, telling such convincing stories that no one doubted or even hesitated when he said, “Here drink this clay.” Or “Here put a glob of this wet clay on that open wound. Just smother it in clay.  It’ll heal it right up.” 

Like Johnny Appleseed, Cano left a trail of clay and believers behind him.  To meet him is to know him. He had a little boy’s mischievous twinkle in his eye that belied his age and he loved to stir things up. His hearty laughter after a practical joke was the only thing that kept him from being done in at a much younger age. He later wrote a book about his clay experiences and you can find it today on Amazon –  The Clay Disciples.You will recognize the mischievousness in the stories.

I’ll miss Cano Graham.  We spent many an hour talking about clay and swapping stories sitting on the front porch.  He touched many people in his life time in many ways.  I seriously doubt I would be in the clay business today were it not for a happenstance meeting with Cano many years ago. Happenstance- humph, not a chance.

Perry A~
Author of Living Clay

Living Clay Co. Review and Giveaway

prissyThe good folks at the Prissy Green blog have just posted a glowing review of Living Clay Co. products. Check it out! You could even win a $40 gift certificate. 🙂


New “Cooking with Clay” Recipe – Patty’s Green Beef Enchiladas

submitted by Paul and Patty of www.NaturesCleansingClay.com (Thanks so much!)

Patty’s Green Beef Enchiladas

salsa-verde-enchiladasSaute 1 lb. lean ground beef and 1/2 cup chopped onions. Before the beef is completely cooked, add 1 Tablespoon ground cumin, salt and pepper to taste, 1 Tablespoon Clay Powder and 1 4oz. can of chopped green chilies. Heat corn tortillas. Place approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup of beef mixture in each tortilla and roll. Place in a casserole pan.  Top with a green chili salsa and grated Monterey jack cheese. Cover lightly with a piece of foil and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. I also add 1 T. of the clay powder to the salsa before spreading it on the rolled tortillas.

New special offer from the Living Clay Co.

special0609The Living Clay Co. has just posted its special offer of the month and it’s a doozy!  They’re offering a 20% savings on their 20# Detox Clay Powder PLUS you’ll also receive a free audio CD of Adam Abraham interviewing Perry A~ (author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) about using Calcium Bentonite Clay. 

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