Great Interview with Lots of Clay Info!

A few weeks ago, Perry A~ (author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure) was interviewed by Robin Claire of Tributaries Radio.  This 30 minute interview is full of information on how clay works and how to use it.  You can now listen to it at your convenience on Tributaries’ archived program page.  The archives are arranged by date, and Perry A~’s interview was on January 18.  ENJOY!

Here’s a direct link to the recording:  (Requires RealPlayer)


Clay and Complexion

by Perry A~

I recently mentioned on the About Clay chat group about taking clay and the wonderful effect it has on balancing skin tone and lightening age spots. One person chimed in with: “Why does this work Perry? I have always been very freckly, if that is a word, and as I aged, I developed lots of spots and they are all fading away. I had mentioned my hands before; but, now people are commenting on my skin and it’s true! Arms… legs… all of it just fading away.”

It is true. I have experienced this first hand. I am 70 years old and have the most gorgeous skin tone. Not to be bragging but it is true. I have even quit wearing makeup. Why cover up a beautiful complexion?

It is not just on my face but all over my body. Like I have this lovely glow to my skin. It is almost like a light tan all over. Seriously, head to toe. Now I used to be a sun bunny but at seventy I no longer do activities like tennis, water skiing, horseback riding and swimming. Basically, I am rarely out in the sun exposed to the sun’s rays, yet I have an exceptionally even complexion and skin tone. My age spots are few and very light.

I attribute this to taking Living Clay daily. Clay is both detoxing agent and a cleanse, plus it gets rid of parasites while balancing the body’s pH, all at the same time. Like a one stop shop for all your needs.

With this cleansing and detoxing effect, the clay acts as a catalyst, helping the body by reducing the overload and clearing a pathway for the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals from supplements and nutrition from the food you eat. Stands to reason this would help your complexion. We all know the food we eat can be beneficial or detrimental to the body. Simply put, clay runs interference for the body. The beauty of clay is that it accomplishes all these actions very gently and subtly. A cleanse does not have to mean your stomach rolls and you have to stay within six feet of a bathroom all day. No indeed, not with a clay cleanse.

Clay Detox Baths also give the skin a softness that is very noticeable. The magic of clay and water. Just one clay bath and you will feel the difference. So why wouldn’t people want to use Living Clay for healthier life? Beats me.

Using Bentonite Clay to treat Runner’s Knee

I recently found an interesting blog entry about a runner who uses bentonite clay to treat her bouts of runner’s knee.  Here’s what she (Sowgenerously) has to say:

Treatment for Runners Knee begins with rest (stay off it until its better), ice, and natural or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. In my case, I also used bentonite clay lathered all over the sore tendon, it was both cooling and had an awesome anti-inflammatory effect. 

I asked her to elaborate a bit, and she wrote:

Well, you won’t believe this but I figured since clay poultrices are used to treat sore and inflamed muscles on horses, it would work on people! I had both some powdered bentonite clay and some facial cosmetic clay. Either one works great although the powdered clay was a) cheaper and b) messier. I just smoothed the clay “facial” over the tendons and muscles around my knees. It cools and draws out toxins and felt just great.

To read her entire blog entry, which includes info on using kinesiotape, click here.

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