New Specials at the Living Clay Co.

The new specials at The Living Clay Co. have just been announced.   The special for February is this:  The Clay Trio Special.  This trio includes a 4 lb. Detox Clay Powder, a 16 oz. Liquid Clay, and a 4 oz. Cleansing Clay Mask – all for only $82.95.  With a retail value of $109.85, you’re saving $26.90!  It will be available on their website on February 1, so scoot on over and grab up this special offer!

Also, there will be a sweet Valentine’s Day special offer sent out to their newsletter subscribers.  This is an exclusive offer for newsletter subscribers ONLY, so if you haven’t signed up for their newsleter, hurry on over to the website and DO IT!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!


2 Responses

  1. I would like to know how you take the clay internally. I read where it helps the colon to detoxfy but there hasn’t been anything said about how you take it. I have been looking for capsules or something to take internally. I also have been looking to see if you just drink the clay and water. I have found nothing.
    Please help
    Thanks, Janice

    • Hello, Janice. Dry powder clay can be put into capsules and taken that way, but I believe it is more effective to either take the hydrated clay (the consistency of pudding) or the liquid clay. You should know that all clays are different, and you need to be using a very pure, natural Calcium Bentonite Clay. My personal preference is Living Clay from the Living Clay Co. ( The instructions for mixing clay can be found here: Some people eat a tablespoon or two of the hydrated clay each day, while others (like myself) drink 1-2 ounces of the liquid clay twice a day. You can also add it to smoothies, or use it in other recipes. We have a page of recipes on our website, too. But once again – please make sure you’re using a clay that is safe to use internally.

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