Using Calcium Bentonite Clay to Treat Insomnia and Diabetes

It’s vital that WE THE PEOPLE begin spreading the word on the amazing healing properties of Calcium Bentonite Clay.  It’s time we stood up and refused to continue being guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies.  We recently received this testimonial from Bob C. about the incredible results he’s getting with clay use: 

“I’m an elderly retired man who suffers from both diabetes and chronic Insomnia.  I’ve spent years taking prescription sleep aids with un-satisfactory results.   My son, a Naturopathic Doctor, sent me 16 oz. of Living Clay and The Living Clay book by Perry A~.   I began taking the Clay internally and after two days my insomnia has all but disappeared.  I’ve not slept this well in years!  Furthermore, my avg. morning blood sugar readings are around 145; I’ve now been getting consistent readings of 75!  I credit my newly found clay regime for both of these significant breakthroughs.  It amazes me that such an affordable, natural, and effective cure has found me.  I will tell everyone I know about this amazing clay.” – Bob C.

Spread the word, people!

Visit the website to read more testimonials about clay healing!


8 Responses

  1. How much clay should individual use internally?

  2. Wouldn’t it be wise to add fiber to balance and not to
    use continuously ( maybe 3 days out of a week )?
    Thanks, for the reply

  3. Living Clay can be taken daily and doesn’t need fiber for balance. I’ve taken it internally, daily, for years. It does a great job of removing the toxins that we’re all exposed to on a daily basis.

  4. We are a herbalist family practicing alternative medications since ancient India. These medicines are highly trusted around us. We are getting more or less 83% healing results and these are really
    amazing in the age of modern medicines.

    Concerning clay, (Green/Gery) its is useful for diabetes and insomnia. Its still in practice with us.

    Red Clay has great results in stomach disorders such as indigestion etc.

    • Hi nasir my husband is a type 1 insulin dependant he takes 3 times a day also 2 a day byetta after so many years he cannot regulate his sugar It is very frustrating for him and also for myself we have 3 young children and im trying everything to get him under control you mentioned about green/gery clay that it is useful for diabetic can you please give me more info on this clay.

  5. I would like to know whether clay from Livos is recommended for reducing sugar levels in diabetes.

    Thank you

    • From Perry A~:

      The clay I am looking at from Livos is a industrial landscape clay. I would not use it for human use at all. All I see is a clay plaster for walls and a tank liner clay.

      A good Quality clay has been known to help. Clay bath help insominia and drinking clay helps support the immune system. Clay used with diet and exercise will help Type II Diabetes.


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