In Clay, Sculpting a Cure

by Claudia Koerner

ASU researchers are proving that clay from the ground can kill even the strongest bacteria, including the flesh-eating “superbug” MRSA.  Though clay has long been used for healing and cosmetic purposes, Lynda Williams of the School of Earth and Space Exploration said the discovery of its ability to kill bacteria, including methycillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, is new.  (…read full article)


‘Healing Clays’ Show Promise for Fighting Deadly MRSA Superbug Infections, Other Diseases


Mud may be coming to a medicine cabinet or pharmacy near you. Scientists in Arizona report that minerals from clay could form the basis of a new generation of inexpensive, highly-effective antimicrobials for fighting MRSA infections that are moving out of health care settings and into the community. These “superbugs” are increasingly resistant to multiple antibiotics and cause thousands of deaths each year.  (…read full article)

Article: Clay Baths – The Safe Method for Detoxing Your System

by Cheryl McCoy

“Detoxing” – the myriad and sundry ways of removing metals, toxins, and other nasties from the body – is becoming increasingly popular in alternative and natural medicine, and appears to be inching its way into the more traditional medical arenas as well.  The beneficial health results produced by these procedures cannot be ignored.  As a result, it seems that everywhere you turn, there are companies claiming to have the best product for detoxing your system.  “Clay and water…those two lifelines are all you will often need to return your body to a state of optimal health,” states Perry A~, author of Living Clay, Nature’s Own Miracle Cure(…read full article)

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